More from Yellowstone and The Beartooth Highway

Christina in the wind

“Mom!  Dad’s about to lose his toupee!”

A very curvy Beartooth Highway

Soooo bringing my Porsche next time!

The Beartooth Mountains

Fall colors on Rock Creek

Catch and release on the Lamar River

Morning light on the Gardner River

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80 Responses to More from Yellowstone and The Beartooth Highway

  1. Number Three says:

    what a beautiful river! and the water’s nice too!

  2. Momof4boys says:

    These are great pictures. LOL! It really looks like you have a toupee on! I can’t wait to visit, when the weather is right, so I can take a ride on the Beartooth Highway too! Is that you on the Lamar River, or another fisherman?

  3. Troutnut says:

    Mom, that is me releasing a fine cutthroat trout on the Lamar. I love that picture and plan to get it framed for the house. I’m glad you like my pictures, I love to share them. The Beartooth Highway is a must next time you are here in season.

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